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The Story of the Moon and Sun 

Long, long ago, the Sun, his wife the Moon and the water all lived on the Earth. Sun 
and the Water were very good friends. The Sun would visit the water each morning, 
but the water was never able to visit Sun. One day, Sun asked Water why he had 
never come to visit. 

"Well," replied one of the water droplets. "There are so many of us it would be 
almost impossible to visit you." 

Then, Sun had an idea. "What if I built a large house just for you and all your friends 
to visit?" 

"I am not sure," replied another droplet. "It would have to be a very big house 

The Sun, not afraid of a challenge, said "I shall build the largest house in the world 
and it will be able to hold you and all of your friends." 

So Sun went to work on his big house. 
He worked for a very long time on his 
house. He cut down the entire forest 
surrounding Water to build his house. 
Once Sun was done, he stood back to 
admire his big house. He had built the 
biggest house in the world. Once the 
house was built, Sun asked his wife 
Moon if he could have Water over for a 

"I think that is a great idea," said Moon. 

So the next morning when Sun visited 
Water, he became very excited. 

"I have done it," said Sun. "I have finished a house big enough to accommodate the 
largest amounts of your friends. Come and visit at midday." 

Water agreed and at midday, one drop of Water appeared at Sun's doorstep. 

"May I bring a friend with me?" the droplet asked. 

"Of course, that's what this house is for!" said Sun. 

So the droplet brought in his friend, but when his friend came 
in, he asked "Is it alright if I bring my wife with me?" 

"Absolutely!" said Sun. Then the droplet's wife came in. 

"Can I bring my sister in with me?" she asked. 

"Sure!" said Sun. 

This process went on and on. When the house was about half- 
filled with droplets, Sun kept telling droplets to come in. 

Moon turned to Sun and said "Are you sure you made this house big enough? I don't 
think it would be wise to let any more droplets in." 

"Nonsense!" said Sun. "I know I made this house big enough." 

So Sun kept inviting droplet after droplet into his home. At one point, the house got 
so filled up that Sun and Moon were pushed out of the large chimney and into the 
sky. Then Sun and Moon began to fight. 

Eventually, the fight got so bad that they stormed off in opposite directions, the Sun 
to the East, the Moon to the West. And Sun and Moon never spoke again, but they 
agreed to split the sky at midday, for they were both still friends with Water.